Fixing Pandas ImportError: cannot import name ‘pd’ from ‘pandas’

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The Problem

When working with pandas in Python, encountering the ‘ImportError: cannot import name ‘pd’ from ‘pandas” can be both confusing and frustrating. This error usually hints at a misunderstanding of how the pandas library is imported or an issue with the installation of pandas itself. Below, we discuss the primary reasons for this error and offer detailed solutions to resolve it.


  • Incorrect Import Syntax: Misusing the import syntax can lead to this error.
  • Wrong Alias Usage: Trying to import pandas with an alias ‘pd’ when such aliasing hasn’t been defined.
  • Installation Issues: Pandas not properly installed or not installed at all in the Python environment being used.


Solution 1: Correct Import Syntax

The most common solution involves correcting the syntax used to import pandas with the preferred alias ‘pd’.

  1. Open your Python file.
  2. Replace the incorrect import statement with the correct syntax: import pandas as pd.
  3. Save your file and rerun your script.

Check if it works:

import pandas as pd



Notes: This is the most straightforward and commonly used method to resolve the error. It ensures that pandas is correctly aliased as ‘pd’, which is the conventional alias for pandas in the Python Data Science community.

Solution 2: Verify and Fix Installation

Incorrect or incomplete installation of pandas can be the root cause of the error. Verifying and reinstalling pandas can resolve this.

  1. Open your terminal or command line.
  2. Check if pandas is installed by running: pip show pandas. If it shows details of the package, pandas is installed.
  3. If it’s not installed or you wish to reinstall, run: pip install pandas --upgrade.
  4. Once installation is successful, retry importing pandas in your code.

Verify the fix:

import pandas as pd



Notes: Reinstalling pandas ensures any corrupt or incomplete installations are rectified. It’s a straightforward solution if the import syntax was not the issue. However, this requires an internet connection and some time to download and install the package.

Solution 3: Environment Verification

Sometimes, the error could arise from using a Python environment where pandas is not installed even if it’s available on the system.

  1. Verify the currently active Python environment by running echo $PATH on Unix/Linux or echo %PATH% on Windows in the terminal.
  2. Ensure the environment has pandas installed by running pip show pandas within that environment.
  3. If pandas is not found, install it within the environment using pip install pandas.
  4. Try re-importing pandas in your Python script.


import pandas as pd

Notes: This solution is crucial for developers working with multiple Python environments, such as virtual environments for different projects. It highlights the importance of managing dependencies within isolated environments to avoid conflicts and ensure reproducibility.