How to Check Python versions on Mac

Updated: January 15, 2023 By: Goodman Post a comment

If your macOS version is lower than 12.3, then Python 2 is pre-installed on your computer, and you can see it version by running the command below:

python2 --version

Note: As of macOS 12.3 onward, Apple no longer uses Python 2 in its operating system, and you should also only use Python 3 from now on (unless there’s a reason you have to work with a very ancient code base).

Output (your version may be higher or lower a little bit than mine):

To see the exact version of Python 3 in macOS, execute the following command:

python3 --version

Output (your version may be higher or lower than mine):

The tutorial ends here. If you have questions, leave a comment. Happy coding and have a nice day!

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