How to Create a Next.js App in the Current Directory

Updated: January 14, 2023 By: Goodman Post a comment

You can initialize a new Next.js app in the current directory by using a dot (.) for the path when running the npx create-next-app command. There is a mandatory requirement is that the name of the current folder must not contain special characters, spaces, or capital letters.

npx create-next-app .

I ran the command above inside a folder named example, and here’s what I got:

In recent versions of Next.js, it will ask if you want to use TypeScript and ESLint:

Would you like to use TypeScript with this project? … No / Yes
Would you like to use ESLint with this project? … No / Yes

Just select No or Yes and then press the Enter (or Return) key.

If no questions appear, you can also create a Next app with TypeScript by adding either the –ts or –typescript flag:

npx create-next-app . --typescript

After the initialization is complete, you can boot your project up by running the following command (without switching directories):

npm run dev

That’s it. Happy coding!

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