TypeScript: Converting an Array of Strings to an Array of Objects

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Welcome, kind reader, to a sagacious journey through the TypeScript lands, where we shall embark on a scholarly quest to transform a humble array of strings into an ensemble of distinguished objects. Our craft shall involve not brute force but elegant incantations of code, traveling from the realm of the simple to the domain of the grand.

Basic Array Transformation

Let’s set forth on our venture with simplicity, as we consider an array teeming with strings, each yearning to become an object in its own right. Cast your eyes upon this basic spell:

const arrayOfStrings = ['Mark', 'Samuel', 'Twain'];
const arrayOfObjects = arrayOfStrings.map(str => ({name: str}));

Behold! A marvel to behold, where each string hath donned the robes of an object, wrapping itself with a key named ‘name’. Such is the simplicity at the onset of our journey.

Generating Unique Identifiers

Moving yonder into the deeper woods, we encounter the need to bestow upon each object a unique identifier, an ID, if you will. To this illustrious end, TypeScript conjures the UUID. Let us observe:

import { v4 as uuidv4 } from 'uuid';
const arrayOfStrings = ['Mark', 'Samuel', 'Twain'];
const arrayOfObjects = arrayOfStrings.map(str => ({
    id: uuidv4(),
    name: str

The UUIDs, esoteric strings of great uniqueness, gift each object with an identification most solemn.

Dynamic Object Keys

We traverse onwards, twisting and turning paths in our TypeScript undertakings, hereto bestowing dynamic keys upon our objects. Observe, dear reader, the craftiness of the following enchantment:

const keyNames = ['first', 'middle', 'last'];
const arrayOfStrings = ['Mark', 'Samuel', 'Twain'];
const arrayOfObjects = arrayOfStrings.map((str, index) => ({
    [keyNames[index]]: str

In this wise, our strings now transform into objects bearing keys not from upon high but from the mutable earth below, forming our data far more richly and variably.


In summation, the art of transmuting strings to objects in TypeScript is filled with possibility and might. From simple mappings to complex transformations, the lines of code unfurl as spells, weaving a tapestry both useful and mighty. Take heed from this passage, apply thine learnings with care and craft, and may your programs flourish with the newfound knowledge imparted herein.