Common Errors in Next.js

This series is about common problems you may encounter while developing Next.js applications and solutions to get rid of them.

Errors are inevitable, and debugging can take up a huge portion of a project’s total time. In many cases, a single bug can turn into a nightmare and cause an experienced developer to lose sleep for many nights. However, hopefully, with the following articles, you can get rid of the headaches quickly and save a lot of time and energy to invest and the most valuable tasks.

1 Next.js: 2 ways to fix the 'document is not defined' error

2 Solving the 'Window is Not Defined' Error in Next.js

3 Next.js Issue: useEffect Hook Running Twice in Client

4 Fixing 'self' is not defined error in Next.js when importing client-side libraries

5 Next.js Error: Hooks are not Allowed in Server Components

6 Fixing Data Update Issues in Next.js Production

7 Next.js Warning: Extra attributes from the server [solved]

8 Solving Next.js error: NextRouter was not mounted

9 Next.js: You're importing a component that needs useState

10 Next.js Error: Module not found: Can't resolve 'fs'

11 [Solved] Next.js Warning: Text Content Did Not Match

12 Next.js Error: Found Page Without a React Component as Default Export – How to Fix

13 Fixing Next.js Undefined ENV Variables in Production Build

14 Solving Next.js CORS Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

15 Fixing Next.js Hydration Mismatch Error in Simple Ways

16 Next.js Error: Cannot use import statement outside a module

17 Fixing Next.js Error when Importing SVGs: A Step-by-Step Guide

18 Fixing Next.js Import CSS Error: A Simple Guide

19 Fixing LocalStorage Not Defined Error in Next.js

20 Fixing Next.js Error: No HTTP Methods Exported

21 Fixing Next.js Error: Only Absolute URLs Are Supported

22 Fixing Refs in Functional Components with Next.js

23 Fixing `localStorage is not defined` Error in Next.js

24 Fixing Next.js Error: Cannot Load Images from Public Folder

25 Solving Next.js SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘export’

26 How to set up internationalization (i18n) in Next.js

27 Fixing Next.js Error: Cannot Access process.env with Dynamic Keys

28 Next.js getStaticProps Error: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined

29 Troubleshooting Next.js Environment Variable Issues

30 How to Fix Next.js Error: 'Failed to Load SWC Binary'

31 Next.js: Fixing Serialization Error in getStaticProps/getServerSideProps

32 Fixing Next.js Error: Script Tags Not Working

33 Fixing Next.js 'className' Mismatch Warning with Styled Components

34 Fixing Next.js Error: Image Optimization Incompatibility with `next export`

35 Solving Next.js Error: React.Children.only Expected to Receive a Single React Element Child

36 Fixing Next.js Error: Import ES module ERR_REQUIRE_ESM

37 Fixing Next.js & MUI Warning: Prop className Did Not Match

38 Solving Next.js Image Component Error with CSS Classes

39 Fixing 'Next-Auth TypeError [ERR_INVALID_URL]' in Next.js Projects

40 Resolve Next.js TypeError: Fetch failed during project build

41 Fixing Next.js Parsing Error: Cannot Find Module 'next/babel'

42 Fixing Next.js Error: Use Image from 'next/image' Instead of 'img'

43 Solving Next.js Vercel Deployment 'Module Not Found' Error

44 Fixing Next.js Error: Blank Page on Production Build

45 Solving Next.js i18n Support Incompatibility with "next export"

46 Next-Auth Issue: User Must Login Twice to Get Session – Fixes Explained

47 Fixing Next.js Issue: Duplicate Meta Description and Tags

48 Fixing Next.js Error: Blank Page or 404 on Refresh

49 Fixing Next.js Error: Link is not defined

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