Linux Tutorials

Learning Linux is essential in DevOps for managing cloud-based infrastructure, leveraging its dominant server presence, utilizing key DevOps tools effectively, and mastering automation and scripting within its robust and resource-efficient environment.

1 How to upgrade Ubuntu to a newer version

2 How to reset Ubuntu to factory settings (4 approaches)

3 What to Do If You Forget Your Ubuntu Password

4 Understanding the Ubuntu Linux File System Structure: Exploring Root, Home, and More

5 How to connect to Ubuntu via SSH

6 Ubuntu: How to create a public/private key pair

7 Managing users and groups in Ubuntu: The ultimate guide

8 Ubuntu Mounting Error: Resource Temporarily Unavailable

9 How to check CPU/RAM/Disk usage in Ubuntu

10 How to install/upgrade/remove Homebrew on Mac OS

11 Ubuntu: How to Delete a Folder and Its Contents

12 Homebrew: How to List All Installed Packages

13 Homebrew: How to Start/Stop/Restart a Service

14 Homebrew: How to view all running services

15 Homebrew: How to install a specific version of a package

16 Homebrew: How to Check if a Package is Installed

17 Homebrew: Check for outdated packages and upgrade them

18 How to Install/Upgrade OpenSSL with Homebrew

19 Homebrew Error: The brew link step did not complete successfully

20 Where does Homebrew store its installed packages?

21 Homebrew: How to Clear the Cache

22 How to set a custom path for Homebrew

23 Homebrew: How to Make a Service Auto-Start on System Boot

24 Homebrew Permission Denied Error: Could not symlink (4 solutions)

25 Homebrew: How to install a package from GitHub

26 Homebrew: How to install a package offline (without internet connection)

27 Homebrew SSL_connect Error: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

28 Homebrew & NPM Error: ‘npm’ is not Recognized as an Internal or External Command

29 Homebrew: Uninstalling a package and its dependencies

30 Homebrew: How to Change PostgreSQL Configuration File

31 Homebrew: How to Change MySQL Config File

32 Homebrew Error - Bootstrap failed: 5: Input/output error

33 How to Completely Uninstall Homebrew and Remove All Its Files

34 How to Upgrade CentOS to a Newer Version

35 How to take a snapshot of a disk in VirtualBox (and restore it later)

36 Ubuntu: How to create a custom systemd service

37 Ubuntu: How to create a cron job (that runs repeatedly at a set interval)

38 Ubuntu: How to diagnose and fix a slow boot time

39 Ubuntu: How to auto-start a service on system boot

40 Ubuntu: How to set permissions for a directory and its subdirectories

41 Ubuntu: How to set up and configure firewall (UFW)

42 How to Install and Configure Redis on Ubuntu 23.04

43 Ubuntu: How to Check if a Port is Currently in Use

44 Ubuntu: How to open/close a port in firewall (UFW)

45 Ubuntu: How to create a user with sudo privileges

46 Ubuntu: How to Change the Root Password

47 Ubuntu: How to find and kill a process that is using a specific port

48 Ubuntu: How to find a file/directory by name

49 Ubuntu: Using Wildcards in 'find' Command

50 Soft and Hard Links in Linux: The Ultimate Guide

51 Linux Permissions: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

52 How to download files using cURL (basic & advanced techniques)

53 How to set up and configure Ubuntu in Raspberry Pi

54 How to switch users in Ubuntu

55 cURL: How to send POST requests and upload files

56 Ubuntu: How to Lock/Unlock a User Account

57 cURL: How to Add Headers and Params When Making HTTP Requests

58 Ubuntu: How to set an expiry date for a user account

59 cURL: How to Send API key and Auth Credentials in Requests

60 How to view application log files in Ubuntu

61 Ubuntu: How to zip/unzip files and directories

62 Making GET requests with cURL: A practical guide (with examples)

63 Ubuntu: How to edit files with 'nano' text editor

64 Ubuntu: How to write an rsync backup script

65 How to manage jobs in Ubuntu: A practical guide

66 Process priority in Linux: Explained with examples

67 Managing volumes in Ubuntu: The ultimate guide

68 Ubuntu: How to assign a static IP address to a network interface (2 ways)

69 How to change OpenSSH config in Ubuntu

70 Ubuntu: How to Change the Passphrase of an SSH Key

71 Ubuntu: How to add a DNS server (5 approaches)

72 How to Stream Files Between Two Ubuntu Machines

73 Ubuntu: How to add a new PATH entry

74 Understanding 'stdin', 'stdout' and 'stderr' in Linux

75 4 Ways to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files in Ubuntu

76 How to Auto-Reboot a Ubuntu Server When Running Out of Resources

77 Forget Ubuntu root password? Here's how to reset it

78 How to lock/unlock a directory in Ubuntu

79 How to use if-then statement in Bash scripting

80 How to Use ‘for’ Loop in Bash Scripting

81 How to use 'do-while' loop in Bash scripting

82 Ubuntu: How to Ping a Remote Server/IP Address

83 How to check shell history in Ubuntu

84 Shell Scripting in Ubuntu: The Comprehensive Cheat Sheet

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