TypeScript: Intermediate & Advanced Tutorials

This series of tutorials covers intermediate and advanced topics about programming with TypeScript.

1 Using HTML DOM addEventListener() with TypeScript

2 TypeScript: Handle HTML onmouseout event

3 TypeScript: Handle HTML onmouseover event

4 TypeScript: Handle HTML window onload event

5 TypeScript: Handle HTML button onclick event

6 TypeScript: Handling HTML form onsubmit event

7 TypeScript: Handle HTML onkeydown event

8 TypeScript: Handling HTML onkeyup event

9 Handle HTML input onchange event with TypeScript

10 TypeScript: Auto-reload the current page periodically

11 TypeScript error: Cannot find name 'window' or 'document'

12 TypeScript: Understand ‘skipLibCheck’ in tsconfig.json

13 TypeScript issue: Property 'value' does not exist on type 'EventTarget'

14 TypeScript issue: Property is not assignable to string index in interface

15 3 ways to merge two or more Enums in TypeScript

16 TypeScript Error Fix: The Types Have No Overlap

17 TypeScript TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method

18 TypeScript error: 'ts-node' is not recognized as an internal or external command

19 Using try/catch in TypeScript: A Complete Guide

20 TypeScript: How to Import External Types into Global .d.ts File

21 TypeScript error: Type cannot be used as an index type

22 TypeScript Multi Return Function: Tutorial & Examples

23 TypeScript: How to Turn Union Type to Intersection Type

24 TypeScript: How to Maintain Order of Object Properties

25 Mastering Regular Expressions in TypeScript

26 Using Array.map() Method in TypeScript

27 How to Transform Union Type to Tuple Type in TypeScript

28 Using Object.keys() method in TypeScript

29 Using Array.filter() method in TypeScript

30 Type Casting in TypeScript: A Complete Guide

31 Using Fetch API with TypeScript: Tutorial & Examples

32 TypeScript error: Property '...' has no initializer and is not definitely assigned in the constructor

33 TypeScript: Dependency tree error when installing npm packages

34 TypeScript 'unknown' Type: Explained with Examples

35 TypeScript Error TS2304: Cannot Find Name 'Require'

36 TypeScript: How to Get Names of Enum Entries

37 How to create and use global variables in TypeScript

38 How to import JSON files in TypeScript

39 TypeScript: How to Turn a String into an Enum

40 Partial Type in TypeScript: A Complete Guide

41 TypeScript Arrow Functions with Generic Types: A Practical Guide

42 TypeScript Error TS2533: Object is Possibly ‘null’ or ‘undefined’

43 TypeScript: Converting an Array of Strings to an Array of Objects

44 TypeScript: How to Convert Object to Array and Vice-Versa

45 TypeScript error: Not assignable to type 'never'

46 Using Nested Types and Nested Interfaces in TypeScript

47 Using '?' (Optional) Operator in TypeScript

48 Using localStorage with TypeScript: A Developer's Guide

49 Using Cookies with TypeScript: A Developer’s Guide

50 HTML File Input and TypeScript: A Complete Guide

51 How to Create Enum from Array in TypeScript

52 How to Create Enum from Object in TypeScript

53 Function with Conditional Return Type in TypeScript

54 HTML Checkboxes and TypeScript: A Complete Guide

55 HTML Radio Button and TypeScript: A Complete Guide

56 HTML Select and TypeScript: A Complete Guide

57 HTML Textarea and TypeScript: A Complete Guide

58 TypeScript error: Object literal may only specify known properties

59 TypeScript: Get the name of a class instance at runtime

60 TypeScript & Node TypeError: [ERR_UNKNOWN_FILE_EXTENSION]: Unknown file extension ‘.ts’

61 TypeScript Error TS2322: Could be instantiated with a different subtype of constraint ‘object’

62 Using Faker.js in TypeScript: A Practical Guide

63 Using IndexedDB with TypeScript: Practical Examples

64 TypeScript Function to Convert Date Time to Time Ago (2 examples)

65 TypeScript: Define generic type for deeply nested objects

66 Set and Get Browser Cookies with TypeScript: Basic and Advanced Examples

67 TypeScript: Define Types/Interfaces for Multidimensional Arrays

68 TypeScript: How to Get/Set the Hash Segment of a URL

69 Using getElementByTagName() method in TypeScript

70 Working with Document.createElement() in TypeScript

71 Using getElementById() method in TypeScript

72 Using getElementByClassName() method in TypeScript

73 TypeScript and document.querySelector() method: A practical guide

74 Using element.removeChild() in TypeScript

75 Using element.appendChild() Method in TypeScript

76 Using element.insertBefore() method in TypeScript

77 TypeScript element.remove() Method (With Examples)

78 TypeScript element.append() method examples

79 Using element.setAttribute() method in TypeScript

80 TypeScript – element.innerHTML and element.textContent

81 Using element.removeAttribute() method in TypeScript

82 TypeScript element.insertAdjacentText() method (practical examples)

83 element.insertAdjacentHTML() method in TypeScript

84 Setting a CSS property for an element in TypeScript

85 TypeScript: Adding Multiple Classes to An Element

86 Using element.classList.toggle() method in TypeScript (with examples)

87 TypeScript element.classList.remove() method (with examples)

88 TypeScript: Get the Unicode value of the pressed key

89 TypeScript window.getComputerStyle() method (with examples)

90 TypeScript: Get the data attribute of an element

91 TypeScript: How to get the parent node of an element

92 TypeScript: How to get all child nodes of an element

93 TypeScript: Get the first/last child node of an element

94 Using Window prompt() method with TypeScript

95 TypeScript: How to get the next/previous sibling of an element

96 TypeScript: Checking if an element is a descendant of another element

97 TypeScript element.getBoundingClientRect() method (with examples)

98 TypeScript - window.performance.measure() method (with examples)

99 TypeScript: Scrolling to a specific location

100 How to resize the current window in TypeScript

101 Working with window.navigator object in TypeScript

102 Working with the window screen object in TypeScript

103 Using setTimeout() method with TypeScript (practical examples)

104 TypeScript: setInterval() and clearInterval() methods (3 examples)

105 TypeScript sessionStorage: CRUD example

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