Symfony & Doctrine Tutotirlas

Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP components/libraries. It provides a structured, scalable, and maintainable framework for developing web applications, adhering to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Symfony is known for its flexibility, extensive use of dependency injection, and as a foundation for many other frameworks and projects, including Laravel and Drupal.

Symfony comes with Doctrine ORM integrated as one of its primary features for database interaction. Doctrine is the default ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) tool used in Symfony, providing a powerful layer for managing database operations in an object-oriented way. While Symfony and Doctrine are separate projects, they are often used together, and Symfony’s standard edition includes Doctrine ORM out-of-the-box, making it easy to start working with databases in a Symfony project.

1 What is PHP Symfony and Why Should You Care?

2 Getting Started with Symfony: 'Hello World' Example

3 Symfony Best Practices: Directory Structure and Code Organization

4 How to set up and configure Symfony

5 How to install libraries with Symfony Flex

6 Using Symfony CLI: A Practical Guide

7 How to run Symfony on a custom port

8 How to Develop Symfony App with Docker Compose

9 How to Dockerize a Symfony App for Production

10 How to deploy a Symfony app to an Ubuntu server

11 Working with Symfony Configuration Files

12 Debugging Symfony with the bin/console Command

13 Using Symfony with Twig templates to render dynamic HTML pages

14 Symfony vs Laravel: Which PHP Framework is Better?

15 4 Ways to Create Routes in Symfony

16 Symfony: Restricting Routes to HTTP Methods

17 Symfony Route Matching Expressions: A Practical Guide

18 How to Get Route Names in Symfony

19 Symfony: How to Extract Query String Params from Routes

20 How to Validate Route Parameters in Symfony

21 How to add optional route parameters in Symfony

22 Understanding Symfony Route Parameters Priority (with Examples)

23 Symfony route enum parameters: A practical guide

24 How to Deprecate Routes in Symfony

25 Using Route Groups with Prefixes in Symfony: A Complete Guide

26 Localized (i18n) Routes in Symfony: A Practical Guide

27 Generating URLs in Symfony: A Practical Guide

28 How to Get a User's IP Address in Symfony

29 How to Get User Agent in Symfony

30 Symfony: Parsing incoming request body

31 Symfony: How to parse incoming request headers

32 Redirecting in Symfony: A Practical Guide

33 Working with Controllers in Symfony: A Practical Guide

34 Handling 404 error in Symfony: Tutorial & Examples

35 How to validate request data in Symfony

36 How to upload files in Symfony

37 Managing sessions in Symfony: A Practical Guide

38 Returning JSON response in Symfony: A Practical Guide

39 Streaming Files in Symfony: A Complete Guide (with Examples)

40 How to Set Custom Response Headers in Symfony (with Examples)

41 How to Set Custom Status Code in Symfony (with Examples)

42 How to use ENV variables in Symfony

43 Implementing User Sign Up & Login In in Symfony

44 Handling CORS in Symfony: A Practical Guide

45 How to serve static files in Symfony

46 How to Return XML Response in Symfony

47 How to return a CSV file in Symfony

48 How to return a Zip file in Symfony

49 Symfony and Twig: How to link to an asset (CSS, JS, images, etc.)

50 Symfony: Using Global Variables in Twig Templates (4 Approaches)

51 Managing Cookies in Symfony: A Practical Guide

52 Symfony: Separating Twig templates into reusable blocks (with examples)

53 Symfony: How to Escape Output in Twig Templates (with Examples)

54 Symfony: How to directly render a Twig template from a route

55 How to upgrade a Symfony project to the latest version

56 How to send emails in Symfony

57 Symfony: Converting a Request object to a Response object

58 Event Listeners and Subscribers in Symfony: A Practical Guide (with Examples)

59 Handling sub-requests in Symfony: A Practical Guide

60 How to Embed Controllers in Views in Symfony

61 How to Create and Display a QR Code in Symfony

62 How to Validate Uploaded Files in Symfony

63 How to schedule tasks in Symfony

64 How to Log Requests in Symfony

65 PHP Doctrine: How to connect to MySQL database

66 PHP Doctrine: How to connect to PostgreSQL database

67 PHP Doctrine: How to connect to SQLite database

68 PHP Doctrine: How to Connect to Multiple Databases

69 How to create tables using Doctrine

70 How to Alter/Change Tables Using Doctrine

71 How to Drop a Table Using Doctrine (with Examples)

72 PHP Doctrine: Creating a table with auto-incrementing primary key

73 How to add tags to a service in Symfony

74 How to Make a Service Lazy in Symfony

75 Symfony: How to inject dependencies into a service

76 Symfony: How to use aliases for a service

77 CSRF in Symfony: A Practical Guide (with Examples)

78 Caching in Symfony: A Practical Guide

79 How to implement rate limiting in Symfony: A complete guide

80 How to Write Unit Tests in Symfony: A Practical Guide

81 Functional Testing in Symfony: A Complete Guide

82 Doctrine: How to define an entity

83 How to implement pagination in Symfony & Doctrine

84 PHP Doctrine: How to Filter Data

85 PHP Doctrine: How to count rows in a table (with & without filters)

86 PHP Doctrine: How to execute raw SQL queries (3 approaches)

87 QueryBuilder in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

88 Sub-Queries in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

89 Sorting Results in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

90 Symfony & Doctrine CRUD Operations: Tutorial & Examples

91 How to View SQL Queries Generated by Doctrine

92 Data Types in Doctrine: A Complete Guide

93 PHP Doctrine: How to use Enum data type

94 PHP Doctrine: How to add created_at and updated_at columns

95 Doctrine: How to save a PHP array to a column

96 Doctrine: How to Store JSON Data

97 Doctrine: How to Directly Store PHP Objects in a Database

98 PHP Doctrine: Sorting results by multiple columns

99 PHP Doctrines: Selecting a random row from a table

100 PHP Doctrine: Getting N random rows from a table

101 Using AND & OR operators in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

102 How to Add Stripe Payment to Symfony (7 Steps)

103 Using LIKE operator in Doctrine: A Practical Guide (with Examples)

104 Implementing Authorization in Symfony: A Developer’s Guide

105 Symfony + Doctrine: Implementing cursor-based pagination

106 How to integrate Paypal payment with Symfony (6 Steps)

107 One-to-One Relationship in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

108 One-to-Many Relationship in Doctrine: A Developer's Guide

109 Many-to-Many Relationship in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

110 Self-Referencing Relationship in Doctrine: A Practical Guide (with Examples)

111 Using Symfony Validators in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

112 How to Add Index and Unique Constraints in Doctrine

113 How to add unsigned integer column in Doctrine

114 PHP Doctrine Upsert: Update if exists, insert if not

115 4 ways to bulk insert data in Doctrine & Symfony

116 Symfony & Doctrine: Selecting rows by an array of IDs

117 PHP Doctrine: Weighted Random Query Examples

118 Number comparison in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

119 Data Migration in Symfony & Doctrine: A Practical Guide

120 PHP Doctrine: How to Safely Update Data Schema in Production

121 PHP Doctrine: How to update a record by condition

122 PHP Doctrine: How to Delete a Record by Condition

123 Symfony: How to decode JSON in Twig templates

124 Symfony: How to access dynamic variable names in Twig templates

125 Cascade Delete in Doctrine: A Practical Guide

126 How to Get the Current Route in Symfony

127 How to handle errors in Doctrine (with examples)

128 Doctrine GROUP BY: A Practical Guide

129 PHP Doctrine: How to get the latest/oldest record from a table

130 How to set a timeout for Doctrine queries (with examples)

131 PHP Doctrine: Excluding password field from query results

132 How to set default timezone in Symfony

133 PHP Doctrine: Column with Default Value Guide

134 PHP Doctrine: Selecting rows where a column is NULL or NOT NULL

135 How to Handle POST JSON Requests in Symfony

136 Symfony: How to Access Session from Twig Templates

137 Doctrine RMInvalidArgumentException: A New Entity Was Found Through the Relationship

138 Symfony PDOException 'could not find driver'

139 Symfony: How to get the current URL in Twig template

140 Symfony: How to Log a User Out Programmatically

141 Symfony: How to call a PHP function from Twig template

142 Symfony Compile Error: Cannot use isset() on the result of an expression

143 Working with Form Component in Symfony: A Practical Guide

144 How to return PDF files in Symfony

145 Route Guards in Symfony: A Practical Guide

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